dental clinic management software

Prodent: Running a dental practice is quite different from running any other medical facility. That is why the dental clinical management software is also significantly different. We at Topline It solutions are well aware of the special needs of dental clinic management solutions and in keeping with the same have developed Prodent. Prodent is comprehensive dental software that not only enables you to offer better and more efficient services but also helps in enhancing your profits. This extremely easy to use dental clinic software also offers the benefit of easy affordability which makes it a preferred choice for dentists across Dubai.

Tasks Accomplished By Prodent

Prodent is client- server based dental clinic software that is designed to offer maximum efficiency in a domain/work-group based network. It is packed with features that help in organizing the smooth operation of your dental practice in Dubai in the most suitable manner. Listed below are some tasks that can be accomplished with greater ease and efficiency using this dental clinic management software.

  • Handles all aspects of patient processing, from their registration to billing
  • Dental software with different modules for doctors, reception, administration and accounting staffs
  • Handles both insurance billing and cash payments
  • Enables doctors to make not of every single visit of individual patients
  • Can generate complete patient for specific time period.

Why Opt For Prodent

Prodent is high quality and customizable dental clinic management software, designed to suit the diverse needs of individual clinics. It can be easily installed and used on any MS Windows based PC and is flexible enough for incorporation of additional dental software features as per client needs. It simplifies the day to day working of dental practices across Dubai and improves the co-ordination between different departments for greater efficiency. Once you install Prodent dental clinic software, you are sure to observe a significant change in the working of your establishment and the satisfaction level of your patients.

Get The Prodent Advantage Now

Dental clinics across the globe are waking up to the importance of using the most efficient dental clinic management software. Prodent offers you the best features and facilities that can help in ensuring the success of your establishment. Using this dental software will help you run a well managed practice where you will be free to focus on serving your patients in the best possible way. And in case you face any problems with the software in Dubai or elsewhere, we at Topline are there to help you. So get this extremely efficient and affordable dental clinic software now and see your goodwill and your business grow.