NABIDH Approved EMR and NABIDH Approved Clinic Management Software in Dubai, UAE

UAE’s vision for 2021 aims to map UAE among the best countries worldwide by exerting continuous efforts in developing and improving living standards in all life’s main pillars. DHA works on executing this vision by comprising many initiatives in the medical sector to achieve a world-class healthcare system. It has announced recently a new revolutionary project which is NABIDH (Network & Analysis Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health) NABIDH is the first electronic health platform that aims to securely exchange patient information by linking private and public healthcare sectors under the supervision of the DHA. NABIDH will provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical file, which will help healthcare professionals to access aggregated medical history easily and accurately.

NABIDH is an electronic health platform that connects public and private healthcare facilities to provide a comprehensive view of patient’s medical history

  • Unified health records for easy and quick access.
  • Better clinical decisions by tracking patient medical history, allergies, and medication.
Any healthcare facility including dental clinics licensed under Dubai Health Authority needs to be connected with NABIDH and exchange information using one of the selected software and technology providers.

No. NABIDH has implemented a security system that keeps the medical folder of each patient safe and confidential.

The authorized healthcare professional who is providing care will be allowed to access the information and medical history.